Everything and more about 360 Virtual tours


What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a series of 360° photos stitched together to create a virtual walkthrough where the viewer feels they are in the property and can easily navigate around it. They experience the location as if they are actually there. We use the very latest technology that allows prospective guests or clients to take an online tour from their mobile, tablet, computer or even via a virtual reality headset. During a virtual tour, they will have control to move freely throughout the space as well as have access to 360 degree views.

Who uses virtual tours?

Virtual tours have traditionally been used for the housing market and travel industry, adding an extra element proven to drive engagement by showcasing properties to customers and potential buyers. In recent years’ however, hotels and restaurants in particular have benefited from virtual tours as they are now able to visually demonstrate their facilities to a much higher standard than normal 2D photos allow. Along with coffee shops, hairdressing salons and holiday homes, we have noticed an increase in virtual tours for wedding venues, with them easily setting themselves apart from both local and national competitors. An interactive virtual tour reassures potential customers that the venue has the capacity and styling they are looking for which leads to an increase in enquires and bookings.

Do I really need a virtual tour?

A fully immersive, interactive virtual tour offers your web visitors unparalleled access to your property, venue or business without leaving your website. Virtual property tours are the next generation of visual marketing and are proven to keep customers longer on your site, enabling them to fully interact with your facilities, services or products. Residential buyers spend three times longer exploring a property for sale that includes a virtual tour than those that don’t and are 95% more likely to subsequently view that property in person.

Why should I choose venue view to shoot my tour?

As well as highly professional, fast, efficient service and a virtual tour produced in stunning clarity, Venue View use Mattertags which is an amazing tool that allows you to add text and content to specific locations, objects and features within your property. 
We anchor Mattertags to any point in your Space, using them to highlight key features, answer customer questions and add context. This way of adding an extra dimension of engagement within your virtual tour has been proven to keep potential customers longer on your website or property listing – allowing them to interact with your Space, products or services with just a click of a mouse.
We offer an unrivalled level of quality regarding your customer experience. Due to the number of points we shoot within your property as part of the tour, the navigation through is seamless and flowing. We dont believe customers enjoy the Star Trek style 'warping' from one side of a building to another you may have seen elsewhere, your customers want to walk through easily, using an intuitive navigation system to enjoy all of your unique features. 
Venue View is also one of only a handful of other UK virtual tour companies that provide the unique Dolls House view, which is obtained using Matterport technology imported from the US. As a Matterport Service Partner we are delighted to offer this simulated 3D model, as it is a wonderful and intriguing visual that immediately draws customers into wanting to see more of your property

Who are matterport and what is an MSP?

Matterport Virtual Tours and Matterport 3D Showcase are the platform on which our interactive virtual tours are built on. The technology forms part of a billion pound industry and as a Matterport Service Partner we are one of only a handful of providers of this type of tour in the UK. Matterport tours incorporate the virtual walkthrough you see on our tours, the 3D dollshouse view and the high definition digital floorplans - and these all come as standards with every Venue View tour.

How should I prepare my property for a tour?

Getting your business, venue or home photo ready is very important. Remember that an interactive virtual tour is like being open 24/7, so a little time spent preparing now will certainly make for a beautiful finished product. 'Professional stagers’ are available for hire to set up your property ready for a tour - but usually a good clean, tidy and clutter free space is all that’s needed.
We will generally turn on all internal lighting during a shoot as it aids the look of the tour - so replacing any blown lightbulbs would be a great help.
Don’t tuck things behind doors or under furniture – the camera captures everything!
If possible, remove excess furniture. A clean, open space is best.
For rooms such as bathrooms, remove as many personal items as possible - and close that toilet lid!
Clean mirrors or any glass surfaces as smears can be highlighted during the photoshoot.
Finally take a walk through your space, keeping potential customers/buyers in mind. The tour will be an instant reflection on your property and the journey through it needs to be smooth and fluid – showcasing it in the best way possible.

How can I share or display my tour?

Embedding a tour is very straightforward; it’s similar to embedding a YouTube video. Simply copy and paste the code that we will provide. You will also receive a weblink that can be used as a clickable link or on all of your social media channels

How long does a tour take to shoot?

We work as quick as we can to minimize any disruption to your day (or evening). On average a tour can be completed in approximately 3-4 hours, depending on size and type of venue.

How long does a tour take to edit?

This depends on the size of your tour and how many Mattertags are to be added. However, we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround and will endeavour to have your tour ready with 2 working days.

Do you provide the service in my area?

Venue View provide services throughout the UK and is available for overseas projects upon request.

How much does a tour cost?

A Virtual Tour is surprisingly affordable, and in many cases cheaper than professional photography of your venue
Prices for commercial properties, businesses and venues are calculated per square foot. Prices start from as little as .05p per sq ft.

How do I book a tour?

Call us on 01296 662002 or 07751 989526, email us at info@venueview.co.uk or drop us a line through the CONTACT PAGE of this  site and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

My question is not on this list!

Feel free to call a member of our friendly team today, or use the form on the CONTACT VENUE VIEW page